Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Max Buckley Morris

I arrived in Amsterdam on Saturday 1 October (a day later than planned but that's another story) to meet my one day old Grandson, Max Buckley Morris.
Max was born at 8.30 am on Friday 30 September at a local Amsterdam hospital, after a mammoth 53 hour labour. But he wasn't phased and arrived fit as a fiddle and ready to rumble. Weight 3.9 kilos. Parents Sonya and Toby are tickled pink with their wee man - Maxabillion!
Sonya thinks he looks like her brother Daniel and there definitely is a strong resemblance. But I haven't seen any photos of Toby as a baby so he could look like a Morris too - he definitely has Toby's long fingers and toes.
My first three days in Amsterdam have been a bit of a whirl - fairly jet-lagged and a rough day yesterday when Max wanted more milk than was on offer! Fortunately today there is milk in abundance and he has been much more settled. The system here of a Kraamsorg (special nurse that comes for up to 8 days for 6 hours a day to support the mother to enable her to breastfeed) is very civilised and offers support vastly removed from what I received in NZ back in the 70/80s.  Sonya has been told to feed Max two hourly during the day if he needs it!!  Enlightened!

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