Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Max arrived in Aotearoa accompanied by two very exhausted parents after a grueling 24 hour flight from Amsterdam with a tummy bug in tow, which he then proceeded to give to all and sundry. Oh well, he is so cute he got away with it but it certainly slowed us down for the first two weeks. He is getting around now with trips to Auckland, Ngatea, Tauranga, Napier and Wellington to meet lots of rellies and friends. Having my so far one and only Grandchild now living in NZ, not to mention Sonya and Toby back in the country after 8 years, certainly adds a new dimension. Loving it!

Max meets Great Grandma and Grand Opa.

 Max visits The Mount and has his first paddle in the sea.

Max in Grand Oma's chair with scary bunny behind! Where did that come from?

Bathtime in Tauranga.

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