Tuesday, 24 October 2017


My daughter bought this huge quilt at a second hand fabric market for $30! She had to finish a few edge bits off but then somehow I ended up with it for quilting. Just stipple as it will be used mostly as a picnic quilt. Yeah ok?
I had gone around maybe 3 1/2 sides - reasonably wide - before acquiring my new machine. So I got it out to practise the new BSR on and voila! it's finished!
The BSR makes quilting much more relaxing. I did not end up all tense and bent sideways trying to get my stitches the same length. And the increased length of the throat, although just a few inches, makes a massive difference moving a large quilt through. I stopped once and did a bit of folding but no clips or fussing to fit it under. Truely the 'dream machine'.

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