Sunday, 17 May 2015


Well I didn't get any more posts done and I've been home a month now. However I would still like to post some photos and thoughts about my trip. Keeping up with a blog and Project365 were just way too hard to do while travelling.
Shanghai is an amazing city. So modern, so wealthy, with so many contrasts. The growth is staggering. The joke was that I struggled to shop in Shanghai. The choices were markets were you are constantly harassed by stall holders or luxury shopping malls which are beautiful however I can't afford anything in them. Not a lot of middle ground. It was a public holiday the first weekend I was there and we went to Xintandi and Yu Gardens along with many other local tourists. There are 25 million people in Shanghai and they were all out and about that day.

Antiques Market, Shanghai
 Cicada, Market Shanghai - used for fighting.
 Daniel with Dragons, Yu Gardens, Shanghai
The Bund, Shanghai, evening crowd.
 Pudong, Shanghai.

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