Thursday, 21 May 2015

the great wall

We travelled up to Mutianyu to access The Great Wall. It's was the 'must do' element of my trip, a place that had always intrigued me but which I never imagined I would ever see. Mutianyu is a slightly more remote location but worth the effort as it was much less crowded than Badaling where most tourists go. We stayed at The Brickyard Retreat and were up on the wall early and walked up to Tower 21. It was quite a mission, the last section being incredibly steep. Coming down was scary and I must admit to some sore muscles in the following week. However it was worth it!
 Very happy to have made it up on The Wall.
 This is the guy who sweeps the wall.
 That's where we were heading.
Friendly local we met along the way.
It was steep!
 The Wall.
 Fun with windows and the GoPro.
 Heading down.

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