Sunday, 31 January 2016

another Kaffe conundrum

I had a very clear and simple image of the quilt I wanted to make with a selection of Kaffe floral prints I have. It was going to be so easy. But Kaffe fabrics never are. These three photos don't look like much but that was a weeks work, deciding on the main background colour and placing the 25 florals. 
Each square will be framed to double it's size and there will be a mixture of plains used. It's the quilt of the front of Kaffe's Quilts in the Sun book, which I don't actually own but...
The idea is to make an 'inside garden'. It will look much better once the blocks are made and spread the prints out but what is it with Kaffe fabrics?? - they promise so much and deliver so much difficulty! I'm always left wondering "do I actually like this?" I can see a little more fiddling needs to happen. 

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