Saturday, 31 December 2016

it's been a while...

It certainly has. 2016 Spooling just didn't happen. Think I was so over Project365 that I never wanted to post anything anywhere ever again. Well, apart from occasionally on Instagram. But it is sad when you let something you value slip, so one goal for 2017 is to resurrect this blog. Not a resolution - a goal. So farewell 2016, you have been one b*t*h of a year and 2017 promises as much. Might be time for some self improvement mumbo jumbo...

1. FIND YOUR THEME: Your theme should be simple and motivate you to make the changes you want to your life.

2. SELECT YOUR AREAS OF FOCUS: Think about the specific areas you want to work on to improve your life.

3. CHOSE 12 GOALS AND HABITS: Write down why you want to accomplish it, how it's going to impact your life, and plan how  you are going to make it happen! (one per month)

4. CREATE A BUCKET LIST: Make a list of anything you've always wanted to do.

5. MONTHLY CHECK IN: Only add a new habit to your life when you are ready. Ticked anything off that bucket list this month?

Sorry no pretty pictures with this post, but tomorrow is another (day) year...

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